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5 Cool Upgrades for Your Wet Room

Modern Marble Bathroom Interior
A wet room is basically the bathing section of your bathroom set behind a glass wall. A wet room has several benefits, including increasing the value of your home. It can also improve the usage of your space and even improve your design options for the overall bathroom. If you're planning a wet room for your remodeling project, below are five cool upgrades for your space.

Copper Soaking Tub

Homeowners typically incorporate a soaking tub into their wet room design, and copper would be a beautiful upgrade for this amenity. You can also choose between the standard soaking tub or a double-slipper design, which features curved sides and a concave middle.
Copper offers a naturally warm sheen, and you can choose between different exterior and interior finishes to complement your bathroom decor. If you want to showcase the patina, hammered or antiqued copper is ideal. If you want the sheen to take center stage, choose a polished or smooth exterior. For interior finishes, you can choose between polished copper, polished nickel, or fiberglass.

Hand-Held Shower Head

Hand-held shower heads have long been staples in European bathrooms. Hand-held shower heads are ideal for rinsing all over your body or targeting just certain areas - say if you need to shave your legs or give your hair a cool rinse. What's more, you can use them to spray down the shower wall before exiting the wet room.
The showerhead is typically attached to an arm reaching at a standard height from the wall. However, you can also combine the hand-held version with a slide bar, which allows you to adjust the height of the showerhead when it's in its holder.
You can also choose from the standard finishes and different spray options for the hand-held shower head to match with the rest of your bathroom finishes.

Glass Etching

One of the benefits of a wet room is you don't have the visual distinction between spaces. That said, you may want a little privacy for certain bathing tasks. In that case, you can customize your glass well with etching. The etching provides privacy by obscuring what's behind and at the same time has the same lightreflection properties as clear glass.
With this upgrade, you can choose a multi-panel wall. The screen can feature a door or can be an open design if you have enough space. Decide which area of the wet room you want some privacy for, and have etched glass installed in place of standard transparent glass. The etching design you choose drives the level of opacity of your glass panel.

Pebble tile Floor

As you can imagine, a wet room gets, well, wet. This wetness can present a slipping hazard. One way to counter the slipping hazard is with a pebble tile floor, which provides traction. With this construction, contractors apply a bonding agent to the floor and lay out the pebbles in a predetermined pattern. They then finish the flooring with sealer and grout.
You have numerous design options for the pattern of your pebble tile. You can choose naturalistic pebbles or those with more variations in color. You can also choose a monochromatic tile floor by choosing pebbles in the same basic spectrum. You can also get the same effect with three-dimensional tile.

Shower Planter

A purely aesthetic upgrade for your wet room is to incorporate plants. You can use a portable, waterproof planter, or you can have one built into the stall out of the same tile as the rest of your wall. If you have a window in your wet room, you can also have the sill extended into a shelf for a planter.
Naturally, the best plants for your shower planter are those that love the humidity. These plants include bamboo, spider plants, peace lily, and Boston fern. Just make sure you pay attention to how much light the plants need and plan accordingly.
Design a gorgeous wet room with some or all of the above upgrades. Let Smyrna Custom Glass & Mirror help in your design and implementation. Contact us today.