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Bathroom Makeover: Easy Changes That Don't Require a Complete Tear-Down

Modern Bathroom
A bathroom makeover is more than just a design do-over - this home improvement project gives you the chance to express your own style, create a tranquil space, revamp aging accents, and even add value to your home. A midrange bathroom remodel has a cost recoup value of just over 64%, should you decide to sell your home. If you'd rather go for a pricier, lux remodel, an upscale project can get you back slightly more than 59%.
Keep in mind; you don't need to completely tear down your bathroom just to give it a new look. A bathroom makeover doesn't have to start with bare bones. Instead, you can scarp some of the fixtures or replace specific spaces, giving the room a brand-new style without having to invest your life savings in it.
How can you make your bathroom redo shine? Take a look at some of the ways that you can take your space from so-so to showcase.
Glass Shower Enclosure
A tub and shower combo with a clunky cloth (or sticky plastic) curtain looks far from modern. If you want a contemporary style that has a relaxing spa-like feel, the luxurious look of a glass shower is the answer to your remodeling questions.
Not only does a glass enclosure add beauty and elegance to your bathroom, but it also provides you with a durable shower option. Unlike flimsy curtains that can grow mold and mildew, a glass shower is strong, stunning and easy to clean (that means you can lower the risk of starting a mold invasion).
Glass shower enclosures also help to prevent leaks. A shower curtain will never fit the space as tightly as a custom-built glass enclosure. With a curtain, your bathroom is likely to feel the spray of the shower every time you use it. The water that leaks out of a shower curtain type of set-up can cause mold growth, destroy caulking or grout and turn your tile into a slippery surface (and a safety hazard).
Mirror Makeover
Mirrors may seem like simple accent pieces. But they're also a way to transform your bathroom into a totally different space.
Obviously, mirrors serve a purpose. They're functional, providing you with a way to get a look at yourself when you're styling your hair, putting on makeup or shaving. Mirrors also allow you to change the shape of the space, making your bathroom appear larger than it actually is. A strategically placed mirror that reflects a window, covers an entire wall, or is over-sized creates the optical illusion of added space. This turns a small bathroom into one that's wider, longer or just bigger.
Along with adding space, you can use mirrors in the bathroom to create a new style. Get rid of your old medicine cabinet mirror. It's probably seen better days and may be decades old. In its place, try a sleek frameless mirror, a custom shape or any other option that fits your bathroom's décor.
Other Options
What other home improvement projects can give your bathroom the facelift that it needs? Replacing the tile can update the look of the space or help you to change the color palette. Unlike other rooms in your home, the bathroom is one area where it's perfectly acceptable to cover just about everything from floor to ceiling with tile. This includes the walls and inside of a glass shower enclosure.
Tile isn't it when it comes to other bathroom makeover accents and additions. Swapping out old fixtures for new ones, replacing the vanity, and creating a new color scheme with a fresh coat of paint can all give your bathroom a totally new feel without having to tear it down and rebuilt the room from scratch.
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