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Glass Shower and Bathtub Door Options to Consider

Glass Shower
If you are in the midst of a bathroom remodel or building a bathroom from the ground up, one item to check off your list is the type of shower and bath enclosure you want. While some people are satisfied with a shower rod and curtain, you may want to upgrade your bathroom with a touch of sophistication. You can easily do this with the installation of glass doors.
Once you decide to move forward with glass bathtub and shower doors, your decisions are not yet done. You also need to decide which type of doors you want. You have a wide variety of doors to choose from, so consider which work best for your desired aesthetic and practical needs of your family. The following are some examples of shower and bathtub doors you can consider.
Frameless Shower Door
A frameless shower door is a popular trend for good reason. A frameless door is a beautiful option that helps the door essentially disappear into the room. While the door does technically have a frame, the construction of the door is such that the appearance of a frame is not there.
The door is made from heavy-duty tempered glass with metal surrounding the outer edges only to make the door appear frameless.
A frameless shower door is perfect for those showers with intricate stonework or tilework. This door type is modern yet classic and makes the bathroom appear larger because there is no metal on the outside to cut the space.
Frameless shower doors are one of the more expensive options. If you want the look of a frameless shower door but want to work with a smaller budget, consider a partial frameless door. This alternative is just as lovely as a frameless shower door, but it does have a visible frame around the top and bottom. You will still have a solid glass pivot door with invisible hinges, which still provide the contemporary look you desire. 
Sliding Shower Door
If you do not want a pivot door for your shower, you can opt for a glass shower door with a glide. This is best for larger showers or narrow bathrooms with fixtures in a close space. You still can see straight through the shower if you want to display stone or tilework, but you save space in an otherwise non-spacious bathroom.
Glass Bathtub Enclosure
If your bathroom has a bathtub and shower combo, you can still enjoy the look of a frameless shower door. A glass bathtub enclosure is made similarly to a frameless shower door with invisible hinges. You have the option of a door that either glides or pivots, allowing you to choose the option best suited for your space. 
Bi-Fold Glass Shower and Bathtub Doors
Another concept to consider is a bi-fold glass shower door. A bi-fold shower door is like any other bifold door and is a newer bathroom concept. This is a great solution if you want a larger entrance into your shower but do not have the room for a pivot door. You can have a glass bi-fold shower door in a shower or as a tub enclosure.
Partial Glass Bathtub Enclosure
If you want to add a touch of European flair to your bathroom, you can opt for a partial glass enclosure. A partial enclosure, also known as a bathtub screen, is for a bathtub shower combo. This enclosure option is a modern accent and a practical way to prevent water on the floor.
This option is a single pane of glass rounded on the edges and installed on one side of the tub. The door will swing outward from the tub to make cleaning and bathing easier. The enclosure adds some flair to an otherwise normal space.
If you are unsure of your shower and bathtub enclosure options, please contact us at Smyrna Custom Glass & Mirror. We will be happy to guide you through our different choices.