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Tips for Renovating Your Bathroom With Masculine Style

A bathroom
Often times, when you think of the bathroom, you may think of a spa-like retreat or a glamorous powder room. However, such décor styles may not suit a space that's primarily used by a man - say in a bachelor pad or in the case of his and hers bathrooms. Instead, you may prefer a masculine-styled bathroom. Below are tips for renovating your bathroom with masculine style.

Choose an Earthy Palette

Colors aren't gender-specific, but they do create an ambience. In this case, earthy colors can create a more masculine vibe. Earthy tones range from light beige to deep mahogany. Because you're choosing colors along a spectrum, you can mix up the hues without ever having to match them.

For instance, say you start with handsome tile work in shades of beige. The walls can be a leathery brown and the vanity tops can feature shades of cream, gold, and brown to complement the beige. For the cabinetry, you can leave the wood naturally stained. You may never repeat any of the same colors, but the look will remain cohesive because they're all on the spectrum of brown.

Keep the Décor Minimalist

A masculine-styled bathroom should be unfussy. That's not to say you want it to be devoid of any decoration. However, the décor should show restraint. A good way to achieve this is by promoting a minimalist ideal by keeping all the lines clean.

For example, every bathroom needs a mirror. In lieu of an ornate medicine cabinet, consider a simple mirror mounted on the wall. You can custom-order a mirror to your size specifications. If you want to add a little pizzazz, you can choose a custom shape, such as diamond. However, when you order the edging, opt for a streamlined version such as eased or beveled to keep the minimalist look.

Look for Rough-Hewn Textures

You can also add visual interest with the textures you showcase. Look for rough-hewn, even rustic textures, which will speak to a more masculine ambience.

For instance, if you're choosing natural stone for the vanity tops, consider having them finished with a rock pitch edge. Such an edging resembles broken rock, which actually complements industrial décor. Likewise, consider using reclaimed wood for your cabinetry. The wood's natural patina will imbue the décor with a rustic appeal.

Enclose the Shower in Glass

In the spirit of keeping the décor minimalist, consider a glass enclosure for your walk-in shower. Such an enclosure can present a neutral profile that complements any style of bathroom. The clean edges and virtual transparency of the enclosure speak to the masculine ideal of keeping the look simple.

The above description describes primarily a frameless glass enclosure, which is constructed of heavy-duty glass with mostly hidden brackets. Although, you can add visual weight to your enclosure by choosing the framed variety, which relies on a metal framework for structural support.

Weighty metal frames could actually enhance the masculine vibe in the bathroom because they speak both to the geometry common in minimalist décor and the manufactured materials found in industrial style. Both of these ideals are common in masculine décor styles. You could even choose heavy metal frames powder coated black to further enhance their visual weight.

Add More Industrial Materials

Along those lines, look for more ways to add industrial materials without creating a cluttered look. Industrial materials are any that are man-made, mostly glass and metal.

So let's say you need a privacy wall, maybe for the toilet area. A smoked glass wall would add a clean, industrial touch that conveys privacy. You could also choose to have your vanity mirror framed in metal instead of left plain. Just be sure the metal matches the shower frame if you've gone that route.

Concrete is another industrial material. You may choose a concrete vanity top in place of natural stone. You can still have the manufacturers finish the edging with the rock pitch style. You could also have a customized shower pan constructed out of concrete.

Keep the décor simple and the color palette neutral to create a bathroom with a masculine ambience. Contact us at Smyrna Custom Glass & Mirror to help you with your bathroom makeover.