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Mirror Installations in Atlanta, Georgia


Mirrors in Your Home

Mirrors have a variety of uses in your home, such as reflecting light, making rooms seem larger and enhancing your decor. A large mirror in a small room creates the illusion of depth. An elegant mirror in your entryway offers a feeling of being welcomed. A mirror adds balance and brightness to almost any space. One bold installation can set a cheerful tone for an entire area.

Custom Mirrors

It’s okay to want a mirror that looks a very specific way. That’s why we offer custom-made mirrors, so you can determine everything from its shape and size to its edges and color. Custom mirrors are a beautiful asset to any wall. There are many other uses for mirrors as well. Do-it-yourself projects and other crafts, such as cabinets and hutches, can benefit from a custom mirror. If you are looking for more uses for your custom mirror, contact us today.

Mirror Installation

In general, mirrors will need to be installed on a sturdy part of your wall. Additionally, round and oval mirrors will be installed differently than those with rectangular designs. You have several choices for installing your mirrors. Below are the three most common ways we will professionally install your custom mirror from Smyrna Custom Glass & Mirror.

Mirror Mastic

Mirror Mastic is a specially designed adhesive created to hang mirrors inside your home. This permanently mounts the mirror to the wall with a tight fit. This environmentally friendly material can be used in high-humidity areas.

Decorative Clips

For mirrors that are not heavy, decorative clips can be used on their own. They can also be used as extra support with Mirror Mastic. These are installed on the corners or sides of the mirror with screws and anchors.

J-Bars or L-Bars

J-bars and L-bars are a great option to support a heavier mirror. This is a continuous piece of j-shaped metal that runs along the top and bottom of the mirror. This is available in a variety of colors and finishes to give your mirror the perfect look.